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KEC's response to COVID-19

Our current policies regarding COVID-19 include:


  1. All patients must wear a mask at all times within the facility. We will also give you a new surgical mask for you to wear during your registration.
  2. For patient's receiving an EGD (upper endoscopy), you must either be fully vaccinated (it must be 2 weeks after your second dose of the vaccine) or have a negative COVID test.
  3. Patient's may only bring 1 other person with them to their procedure. The guest may wait in our waiting room so long as they are fully vaccinated and wear a mask at all times. If your guest is not vaccinated, we ask that they wait outside the facility for safety reasons.

We kindly ask for your understanding during this challenging time. We understand that things are stressful and difficult right now and ask for your cooperation. Thank you.